Book, Music and Lyrics by award nominated writer included on the BBC New Talent hotlist Tori Allen-Martin.

Featuring additional music and lyrics by Vince Kidd.


One block of flats, seven stories, a secret, a break up, a lot of noisy sex, a bucket list, two rowdy parties, the first try of a cigarette, a splash of serendipity, and a whole lot of pressure.


Sasha’s the breadwinner and Imogen’s pissed off about it, (she’s also irritated that she keeps moving her free weights), Aimee and Zac couldn’t be happier, apart from his ever increasing drug habit, Della doesn’t know about that - she’s just pissed off about all of the noisy sex they're having (new build walls are very thin) but the good news is, she’s finally pregnant, it’s just maybe that’s not what Grant wants after all. Peter has a bucket list, and no-one knows why, but Aimee’s brother Laurie might be about to find out. To top it all off the British Independence Party are about to get elected and freedom as we know it looks set to turn to shit, just ask the people terrorising African born Eben and his younger sister Amara.


A story about a Britain potentially not too far away, the every day struggles and the constant search for a connection in amongst the every day grind. Immerse yourself in voyeuristic vignettes of these peoples lives, people like you, people like the people you know and love, or maybe like the people you misunderstood.


Witness the moments that changed the shape of things, and the moments that looked like they meant nothing, but sent a ripple through the earth, so that nothing would ever be the same again.